Thursday, August 23, 2012

Wake up Sleepy Head!

There's nothing quite like rolling over and learning that you were supposed to be at work 15 minutes ago!  Some could easily say that it sets the tone for your whole day.  Then, as you pull into the parking lot at work, you realize that you've forgotten your badge as well.

My thoughts this morning started out as, "Oh great, this isn't going to be a good day."  When break time came along, I realized yet again that I had left my phone and my prayer books at home.  At this point I offered it all up to God and said, "Apparently, I needed the extra sleep today," asking Jesus to carry me through.  I may have gotten way behind on my routine daily prayers, but my spontaneous prayer prospered.

At lunch, I was able to get home and at least get my phone, and I made some CD's for a little evangelism with some co-workers.  My afternoon consisted of more driven initiative than I have put forth in some time.  All this was followed up this evening with an opportunity to watch an exclusive interview with Mitt Romney which actually helped put my mind at ease about him as a presidential candidate.

I still feel like I missed out a little today, by not making it to Mass, but God had other plans for today and I will be back there again tomorrow.  It's great to have peace following me around even on a day that seemed to start out pretty rough.  Thank you, GOD!

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