Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Habemus Papam!


I was on the edge of my seat this afternoon at work, along with the rest of the world!  As much as I wanted to see white smoke I really wasn't expecting to see it today.  What an exciting day for us as Catholics!  Even for the rest of the world, this day is truly glorious.  Pope Francis has already impressed me greatly with his display of humility when stepping out onto the balcony in St. Peter's Basilica wearing the simple white cassock of his new office.  Then, before giving us a blessing, he asked us to pray that the Lord might bless him...and he bowed his head while we prayed.

He is ready to lead us if we allow ourselves to be led!  I look forward to the future and am so happy to have such a great new shepherd.

Viva Pope Francis!