Friday, October 19, 2012

Journaling and Listening

Do you ever sit down and try to start writing a journal?  Does it ever seem strange that you seem to struggle with what to write?  My biggest issue is remembering to take the time to do it, but when I first started, it helped to look at it from the perspective of, "All I have to do is just make my thoughts show up on this page."

That didn't turn out to be as easy as I thought, but getting the thoughts out of the head, make it so much easier to just sit and be silent.  Most people (myself included) don't take enough time to just sit and listen in silence.  How can we expect to get an answer from God if we just talk to him, but never take the time to listen?  Sure, He shows us things throughout the course of our lives, but to get a prayerful answer to a question, He has to speak to us.

I am convinced that, while He may not run on at the mouth as much as I do, God is always talking to us.  How can we possibly hear Him if we never shut-up and listen.  Next time you take some time for prayer, take a notebook, write down a few thoughts, and then just spend a while listening.  You might be amazed at what He has to tell you.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Nothing More!

Today I was greeted with a generous and unexpected gift.  After setting up everything for Mass this morning, I was sitting in a chair in the sacristy, "trying to finish my morning prayer."  When father came in, we started talking which meant my prayers would be postponed.  As I took another attempt at finishing this office before Mass, another face entered the sacristy with a large grin carrying a nice long white surplice.  His son is a 1st year Theology student, and knew someone who had an extra large he could not use.  "He thought it might fit you,"  he said.

I spent the rest of the morning, unable to contain my own grin.  I was even drawn to tears of joy as I gazed upon the face of Jesus on the cross after communion.  I am at a loss for how to express my gratitude to these wonderful young men for their generosity, I can only believe that each of them will make a wonderful Priest in the years to come.

I can only pray that I be as open to God's will as they have surely been.  Many people have been asking me lately, "What is your official role here?"  My answer to them is that I am just one of the Lord's many servants, and nothing more.  Even if the He has something special planned for my future, I hope that I will always remember those words.  "Nothing More!"

Friday, October 5, 2012

God is There!

Well, So much for every Day!  It's amazing how much our priorities change on such a daily basis.  While the over all picture may remain the same the details adjust.  I have been very busy lately with work and prayer and even a little sleep.  I hadn't realized how much time has been passing by.

Yesterday, I took the first part of the morning off work so that I could attend a beautiful celebration of the Memorial of St. Francis of Assisi.  It became quite clear to me that the things I do now are what matter more than those I feel like I could do in the future.  I finally got to talk with my children whom I have been having trouble reaching, and even managed to find time for all my daily prayers.

Unfortunately I awoke too late this morning to attend Mass per usual, but I think I may go exploring this afternoon and find a local church that has a daily 5:00 Mass.  Life is always throwing curves at us and God is always there to guide us on the path.  We need only to open our eyes, our minds, and our hearts.  Thank you God for the blessings and the struggles I experience each day!