Friday, October 5, 2012

God is There!

Well, So much for every Day!  It's amazing how much our priorities change on such a daily basis.  While the over all picture may remain the same the details adjust.  I have been very busy lately with work and prayer and even a little sleep.  I hadn't realized how much time has been passing by.

Yesterday, I took the first part of the morning off work so that I could attend a beautiful celebration of the Memorial of St. Francis of Assisi.  It became quite clear to me that the things I do now are what matter more than those I feel like I could do in the future.  I finally got to talk with my children whom I have been having trouble reaching, and even managed to find time for all my daily prayers.

Unfortunately I awoke too late this morning to attend Mass per usual, but I think I may go exploring this afternoon and find a local church that has a daily 5:00 Mass.  Life is always throwing curves at us and God is always there to guide us on the path.  We need only to open our eyes, our minds, and our hearts.  Thank you God for the blessings and the struggles I experience each day!

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