Thursday, August 16, 2012

Some random thoughts

Last night before Mass, a young girl altar server asked me, "Are you studying to be a Deacon, or a Priest?"  I replied, "Neither, I'm just a server, like you."  Her response was, "That's Cool."  At the end of Mass, before the recessional hymn, our Priest said he wanted to thank me...and the servers for our help.  I went to him and said, "Father, you don't need to single me out like that."  He responded, "Well you're more than just a server."  

I realized later that I have been questioned about this quite frequently lately, and my answer always seems to deny the way I feel inside.  However, I do not want to claim anything that is not so.  With that thought, I decided to start giving a new, more appropriate answer.  From now on, the answer is, "That remains to be seen."

Its hard to come up with something to talk about everyday, and keep it interesting.  You have to give those priests props for being able to take those daily readings of scripture and find a message to share with us.  In the spirit of continuing with daily posts, I decided I needed to share something today.  As I reflected on the day and what to share, I came to the realization that my mother and step-father were married 26 years ago today.  Congratulations to them!  That's no easy task in this difficult modern society in which we live.  

With a fast growing culture attacking marriage and family life, its also easy for people whose marriages were not meant to be to feel as though they made mistakes.  I attempted marriage, and I have no regrets.  If I hadn't made that attempt, I would not have been blessed with my two wonderful children.  That said, I also know that it was only a part of the Plan.  

I still don't know what the rest of the plan is, but I will keep doing the best I can to follow it!

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