Monday, August 27, 2012

Excitement and Reflection

My children started back to school today.  I called and talked to my daughter, who gave me a rundown of her first day.  It's amazing the way one child will tell you almost everything that happened at school, and the other you can't even get on the phone.

Amid their excitement, I managed to get my "new" cassock adjusted to a point that it will fit comfortably.  It will always be a bit big for me, but as I don't have the money for a custom fit, or know anyone who has time to make one for me, it will have to do.  I believe it will work just fine.  Now my surplice looks a little silly, but that is a matter for another time.

These exciting things going on only serve to deepen my reflection on discerning my purpose.  The level of comfort and peace I feel, when I am the church, just doesn't compare with anything else I do.  I have yet to feel anything that steers me away from my desire to be a deacon, but as I still feel like I might also be called to the priesthood, the powers that be have asked me to wait and pray about it some more.  I will gladly continue to do so and hope that all who read this will pray for me as well.  

May GOD bless you all!

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