Sunday, August 26, 2012

Get over here!

I can really tell that my help is appreciated at church, when right before my Sunday morning Bible study, Father looked at me from across the church a just gives the motion with his index finger that says, "Come Here!"  He already knew that I was scheduled to serve at the later Mass, but there were only ten minutes to the first one and no servers.  I happily agreed to help, and no sooner was I vested did four more show up.

After our second Mass together this morning, I pointed out that the cassock I have been wearing is starting to come apart and that I am hoping to try to find a way to purchase something more durable, since I use it almost every day.  He asked me to try on one of his in the closet, and then told me I could have it.  After re-securing a few buttons and pinning the back to take it in a bit, its still too big, but I think it will work.

Maybe some day I'll get one that wasn't either made for a kid or a man with a much larger chest and neck.  This evening I have also been asked to come back and help with another Mass, as two of the scheduled servers are unable to be there.  I guess I will get the chance to see right away how well my alteration attempt turned out.

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