Thursday, September 13, 2012

Trusting in Him!

I am so honored that for almost the last year, I have been blessed to share my thoughts with our local Knights of Columbus council.  Several months after being ordained Deacon, our previous council Lecturer, asked me if I would take over for him.  After reading many people's interpretation of this position, I have come to feel that it has taken on a richer meaning here.  Each month, I try to present those brother knight of our council who can make it with a reflection of sorts.

Tonight will be a little different than the way I have done this in the past.  Usually I spend some reflective time in prayer and let the Lord write something for me to share.  This time I have been guided to a topic but given no words.  I feel confident that the words are within me and I will allow the Holy Spirit to bring them out as I speak.  My fear of public speaking should help prevent me from going too long.  I can't wait to see what He will say through me tonight!

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