Thursday, September 6, 2012


Sometimes we get a bit caught up in looking to the future, or looking at our past.  I am probably one of the most guilty of this as anybody.  It's easy to get hung up on the choices of the past, forgetting that those struggles have made us who we are.  It's easy to look into to the future for the direction we hope for it to take.

The important thing to remember is to focus on today!  Are we holier, or closer to where we want to be today, than we were yesterday?  If not, what do we need to do about that?

The best approach that I can think to use is to; look to the future for a goal, remember the struggles of the past, and make each day a step closer to the goal.  If we focus on the goal or the struggles, we become discouraged.  If we focus on the here and now that we can control, we have already met the goal, because we are doing the best we can.  Even just a small step will be a giant leap, because God will take the larger step from His end.

I am a 4th degree Knight of Columbus who tries to help bring a spiritual side to our monthly 3rd degree meetings, and a daily altar server.  If I deepen one other persons spiritual life, or inspire one young man to stay close to the altar and pursue the seminary, I will count my life as a success.  My goal is to do much more than that, but the most important part for me is that I achieve what God wants me to achieve.

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