Monday, September 10, 2012

Open your eyes!

Another amazing weekend full of volunteer work, great food, great spiritual conversations, and great people.  God did a great job of reminding me this weekend, that while I am definitely open to the possibility of being called to the clergy, I need to remain open to the possibility for a relationship.  Though it was not the first time, I was presented with a person I felt attracted to this weekend, and as usual I'm pretty sure I blew that by leaving even though I saw a sparkle in her eyes that I have only seen a few times in my life.  I can be open to the "possibility" all I want, but that doesn't mean that I have the courage to open my mouth.

Most of the time these situations have presented themselves recently (and been passed right on by), I have found out soon after that it was not likely a good idea anyway.  In recent times this has also been accompanied by confusion of what is in store for my future.  I realized today though that I truly feel that God is reminding me to be open to all possibilities, and He will show me the right path when the time comes.

Lord, Keep my eyes open to all the doors that you unlock.  Help me to experience all that you wish for me on my journey in this life.  Amen!

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