Thursday, November 8, 2012

Hello again!

It was brought to my attention this morning that I haven't posted anything for quite some time.  It's possible that I was a bit more ambitious about this project from the start than later on.  It really testifies to the reality of our spiritual lives.

It doesn't take long to come up with the words to get a message out there, especially when you call upon the help of the Holy Spirit.  The time can be found anywhere, so it really tends to be about the motivation and memory.  By now, I'm sure that you can tell that I have a busy life.

The truth is, I work two jobs, serve at Mass daily, help with our parish RCIA, provide spiritual reflections for our local Knights of Columbus council, pray the Liturgy of the Hours daily, try to volunteer with other various projects throughout the year, and now I'm trying to get this blog going too.  And that's what I do while my kids are at their mother's house.

My next goal is to get back to school.  I know that I am perfectly capable of making time for it...and knowing me, I will try to keep up all the other stuff too...but the fact remains that I'm not quite sure how I will pay for it.  Surely, God will provide!  I will be looking into and applying for a local school in the near future, and I only ask for prayers.  The more prayers the better...It's going to be a difficult road ahead...Jesus and I will be able to get through it.

May the Lord bless all those who bear their cross and gladly take on more for the good of all!

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