Monday, August 12, 2013


To anybody out there still reading this, I'm sure you've been wondering, "What happened."

Recently, my son decided that he didn't want to come visit me.  I was devastated!  It was all I could do at times to put on a smile.  I spent the last two months with my daughter, making the most of the time that we had together this summer.  When I dropped her off, I had a brief, but promising conversation with my son.  I know that he is getting older, and it is difficult for a teenager to understand the importance of spending time with his father, but my biggest fear is that he will regret not spending time with me while he is still young.

I have had a quite distant relationship with my own father for many years.  A lot of that is my own fault, and I don't want the same for my son.  Many of my prayers are for the continued softening of my son's heart that he may see how much I love and care for him.  Lord, help him to see that I do more for him than he knows.

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