Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Happy 2013

With the celebrations of Christmas and New Year's and all the driving to transport my children from their mothers to here and back again, it has been an exhausting but incredible month.  

Here at the start of a new year, its time that many of us examine our lives, and make resolutions to "do this," or "stop that."  I have decided this year to do this by resolving to eat healthier and get back to exercising.  Over the last year, I have become increasingly aware of the amount of weight I have gained since the need for bicycle commuting was made nil.  With the help of my Lord, I expect to be back to riding my bicycle routinely a minimum of 5 miles a day by late April.

The time constraints of my schedule (not to mention the addition of 45 pounds)have changed my situation for riding to work every day.  I refuse to give up serving at daily Mass just to get out the door a couple minutes earlier, so I need to get myself back in shape so that the time required to travel 3 miles on bicycle fits the schedule.  This is going to take training, dedication, and a lot of prayer.

Please pray with me:  Heavenly Father, we offer every part of our days to your service.  Help us to accomplish our goals to keep ourselves healthy enough to continue all the things you have in store for us.  We ask this through Christ our Lord.

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